New tie colours

Well the additional 6 ties we ordered have arrived! The colours are much brighter than the original set and look fantastic. I also received the cogs and sprockets that I ordered, so there shall be another flurry of designing and sewing in the near future! Once we have a few together I will start putting them up for sale with some other items on ebay or etsy (I haven’t decided which yet).

New colours: orange, hot pink, white, bright red, brilliant blue and lilac. We also still have another black one and a silver one pending completion from the original shipment. Can’t wait to make more. ^_^

A Current Obsession

10 points to anyone who gets the title reference…

So last time I attended Animania, I cosplayed Beyond Birthday from the Deathnote book. It was good fun but there was little effort involved; the biggest being getting all my hair cut off and buying red contact lenses. Recently Valmy and Matrix of The Evolution of a Cosmic Spacefish webcomic introduced me to another webcomic that can only be described as epicly awesome!. I am now obsessed with cosplaying the main character, Zee Captain! As such I have already purchased an appropriate hat and I am looking at masks and goggles. Never mind that Supernova is at least 9 months away – at least I will be ready in plenty of time!

Also my  favourite colleague at work finished up today – heading on to a government department that is lucky to have him. Although he and some others at work had their differences, he and I got along and worked together really well. I had the day off, but I checked my email when I got home and he had sent me a farewell email. At the end he included this:

Thanks for being the best system admin ever. Never worked with anyone so talented or keen to be useful. Happy to help anytime you need a reference!

Made me feel all warm and fuzzy, which was nice since my boyfriend has recently split up with me and left for good this morning!  I spent the day at the zoo hand feeding big cats and other exotic animals but even that couldn’t totally take my mind off it; stupid multi tasking organ!

End transmission.

P.S. Pizza is not a vegetable!