Vintage planes

Yesterday I finally took the aerobatic joy flight in a Tigermoth for which I received a voucher on my birthday last year. It was epic amounts of fun, even in spite of the 3 hours I had to drive each way to do it. :p I have wanted to go up in one ever since mum got to go up in one for a scenic flight when I was a little kid. The pilot was really cool and seemed very chuffed that I told him to just do all the maneuvers that other people chicken out of. It was also pretty awesome seeing the almost overflowing dam and swollen waterways from the recent flooding and when we went back to the aerodrome we flew pretty low level, so that was cool too. I purchased the video footage of the flight and it should arrive in the mail shortly, can’t wait to see it. Also took my little Flip camera in the plane with me but I have to edit out the boring parts before I upload it anywhere. :p Here’s some photos for you!


We had to stop at the lookout on the way home that overlooks Lake George as it actually has water in it for the first time since I moved here.

New tie colours

Well the additional 6 ties we ordered have arrived! The colours are much brighter than the original set and look fantastic. I also received the cogs and sprockets that I ordered, so there shall be another flurry of designing and sewing in the near future! Once we have a few together I will start putting them up for sale with some other items on ebay or etsy (I haven’t decided which yet).

New colours: orange, hot pink, white, bright red, brilliant blue and lilac. We also still have another black one and a silver one pending completion from the original shipment. Can’t wait to make more. ^_^