Cin’s Chainmail Curios

Cin’s Chainmail Curios: custom chain mail jewellery, clothing and other items hand crafted from stainless steel, copper coated mild steel, brass and aluminium. Plenty of designs to choose from, or request a custom piece or set. Prices vary according to size, difficulty and materials selected.

Links to examples of my work are below, others can be found on my DeviantArt site here.

Necklaces and pendants



Hair accessories

Other pieces

Email Jacinta at for more information.

One thought on “Cin’s Chainmail Curios

  1. […] 5. Cin’s Chainmail – Industrial Strength Rainbow Stress Ball – Donated by Cin and her Cincurios Twiter account where you can see her handy work. I first met Cin a few years ago at Ignite the Tour – Sydney event. We hung out for a bit and went around to a lot of the vendors trying to get swag; and we’ve been on Twitter talking ever since. Beyond being a highly skilled IT person, she also hand makes these chain mail stress balls among other items that you can see on her site […]

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