More ties!

Okay so the three of us have been very busy and Valmy has completed sewing on another two ties. Hooray! We’ve also ordered some more, this time going for bright colours as well. Hopefully they’ll arrive soon and then there shall be shopping for more tidbits to put on them.

Here’s all four together.

Yet another project

Despite the copious number of creative ventures I already (always) have going – I have another new one. Thanks to my friend over at I’ve gotten a little of the steampunk bug and have started making ties to fit the fashion. The prototype was completed last week but I’ll have to get some better photos of it and the second one (which is already spoken for) after it’s completed tonight. And maybe the third one if that gets finished, yay. This is a collaborative effort with the artistic twosome from The Evolution of a Cosmic Spacefish.

As promised, the completed second tie along side the prototype.