And so it begins!

So I guess this is the part where I introduce myself. I’m an IT professional (Systems Administrator/CIO for those interested) working for a not for profit organisation with a very small team and plenty of work to keep me busy. In what little spare time I have I’m also a hobbyist photographer and make chain mail jewellery and various other items. I mainly started this blog to familiarise myself with the platform for a project at work but have since decided I like the idea of a more flexible website than my dA one. I’m not promising I will actually update regularly; but at this stage since I have no followers to promise that to, I guess it’s all good. 😉 I figure this will be a good place to put some of the stuff that I make/produce that doesn’t really qualify for going on my dA site.

While technology is my main passion, I have a wide variety of interests including writing, cars, planes, history, ice hockey, militaria (past and present) and various other geeky pursuits like star wars role playing and gaming. I can’t wait for the release of SW:TOR, though my favourite games at the moment are Portal 2, Call of Duty 5 and minecraft.

I guess that is it for now but I’ll go through my photo archives and find some pictures of my chain mail shirt to upload this evening.

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